About Us

Krishivaas is a Farmer Digital Platform for Farmers, Organizations & clusters. Data is assimilated without any human intervention, from various sources, processed and updated every 15 minutes for weather and almost daily from satellite for crop health. Krishivaas platform truly democratizes data dissemination to all the stakeholders by complete digital enablement, provides a Trust Platform for Cluster management.

The platform brings in Trust & Transparency by processing satellite images throughout the year to deliver a robust Decision Support System (DSS) platform that aids in monitoring, predicting & analyzing Agronomy in any Farmland, anywhere in the World.

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Krishivaas Vision


One day, Farming will be as Predictable & Reliable as a Fully-Automated Factory

Krishivaas Mission


  • Data Driven Agriculture, where Technology-derived Information is Ubiquitous & Pervasive for the Agri Eco-system with built-in “Trust & Transparency”
  • All Stakeholders on a Single Platform, that aids in doing their job better without worrying about other aspects or players within the Ecosystem
  • Democratize the Ecosystem by bringing the Farmer to the same level playing field as the rest of the Stakeholders; making him a true Entrepreneur
  • Enabling Food security for the Nation, Food Safety for the Consumer & Sustainability for the Farmer & Environment.
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