Krishivaas Early Detection

Agribridge Krishivaas,
a paradigm shift in Smart Farming

Early Detection

Early Detection before
Visual Manifestation


Pixel Quantification of
Crop Stresses


Auto Demarcation of any Deviations
and Navigation to exact location
almost a week prior to human

Smart Diagnosis

Smart Diagnosis with Cost reduction,
Resource Optimization, Targeted
intervention, better Recovery,
Mitigating Loss in Productivity

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring and Decision
Support System with Actionable
Intelligence Alerts

Ground Truth

Proven with 6 Seasons of
Ground Truthing – Crop and
Geography Agnostic


Descriptive, Diagnostic, Prescriptive, Predictive


SmartPixels in Action - Case Study

Early Detection before Visual Manifestation


SmartPixels & Sustainability


Founding Team

Krishivaas Founder
Ram Bhoopal Poduvu


Land is very dear to me. Over the years, I have evolved in the business of Investing and bringing Collaborations and Strategy to Technology Ventures. I have been enabling Innovations from Ideation to Traction to Scale, with a strong and resilient funding pipeline both at personal capacity as well as Co-Founder at Riverbridge Holdings, an Innovations Enabling Platform.

Krishivaas Founder
Vishnu Gorantala


I am passionate about Innovation, bringing a paradigm shift in fundamental spaces both in terms of Creation of Wealth and Impact. I have been engaged in Enabling Innovations over the years and one such focus space is on Agriculture since 2016.

Krishivaas Founder
Sudarshan R

Co-Founder & CTO

I have been a Farmer since 2016. With my strong technology background I wanted to explore how new age technologies can help in reducing the gaps in agriculture activities. Agribridge was started to monitor the farm in its entirety and deliver actionable intelligence to the farmer based on the observed; on a daily basis.

Farm Level Data

  • Roll Up
    • Crop health based on stress quantification
    • Weather analysis
  • Benchmarking of Farms
    • Crop Performance

Digital Tools

  • Crop Images timeline
  • Field Agent Tracking – Resource Optimization
  • Crop Performance Analysis (Pre and Post harvest)

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